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Pay Online and Get a Free Gift worth Rs.399/-.
Toe Separator for healthy Feet
Toe Separator for healthy Feet
Toe Separator for healthy Feet
Toe Separator for healthy Feet

Toe Separator for healthy Feet

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  • These gel toe separators provide maximum comfort in the under toe/foot region as well as instant relief from the inflammatory pains experienced by Hallux Valgus sufferers and Metatarsalgia suffers in the balls of the feet.

  • This open toe separator can be used for pedicures as it separates and keeps all toes in an aligned position and allows for an easy and accurate application.

  • Do not use the item in shoes or socks and ensure that the item is not placed into toes too deeply and take regular breaks wearing this item in order to prevent any restricted blood-flow.

  • Healing properties:

  • Supports bent-under toes.

  • Fixes and separates toes, improves toe deformity.

  • Avoids toes squeezing each other, making good alignment for toes.

  • Ease the pressure and friction of Ball-of-foot part.

  • Relieving Pressure and friction for toes


  • Washable and re-usable.

  • Can be worn while wearing shoes or trainers.

  • Easy to apply and can be worn left or right.

  • Keeps your foot flexible


  • Can be worn during the day, or night.

  • Instantly reduce your bunion and hammer toe discomfort.

  • Can be applied to moderate bunions to counteract and avoid big toe mal-positioning.


  • These soft gel toe Separator help to protect your bunion from knocks and bumps helping to relieve pain.

  • Worn everyday they will help to realign toes to their natural position using gentle pressure.

  • Over time this will give you relief from bunion and hammer toe pain


  • The gel protectors help to prevent friction and pressure on your bunion.

  • Very simply to use, just slip over your toe, the gel separator fits comfortably between your toes helping to re-align them.


  • Alleviates Tension

  • Gently help to straighten bent toes

  • Realign toe joints

  • Can help to prevent callous & corns

  • Bunion Pain Relief

  • Prevent Toe Squeezing

  • NOTE:

  • Made from stretchable and soft medical grade gel

  • Remove the cushion at least 3 to 4 hours daily to allow the skin to breathe.

Package Contents:

  • 2 PC  Open Toe Separators

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